your homework for week 9

WEEK 9—26 Oct Poems About the Self and the World

 I am looking for a poem that says Everything so I don’t have to write anymore.


Please read the following poems for next week: John Berryman, “Dream Song 14,” Charles Bukowski, “Startled Into Life Like Fire,” Mark Strand, “Old Man Leaves Party,” Edgar Allen Poe, “Alone,” Charles Simic, “Carrying on like a Crow,” Alice Notley, “from Eurynome’s Sandals,” Dolly Lemke, “I never went to that movie at 12:45,” Jill Alexander Essbaum, “Apologia,” David Clewell, “This Poem Had Better Be about the World We Actually Live In,” Walt Whitman, “from Song of Myself (1 and 52),” Frank O’Hara, “Ave Maria,” Allen Ginsberg, “America.”

Please give each poem its due, but choose at least one (preferably more) to read closely, revisit through the week, meditate upon. Pay attention to its formal elements as well as what it says. How do these poems reflect upon life and comment upon the relationship between self and the world? What conflicts are present? What is the mood and how is it communicated through sound and imagery? Do these poems offer something new to your own thoughts and experiences? What in these readings do you admire, marvel at, puzzle out? Be prepared to discuss your reactions in class.

Discover and post a poem. Read and respond to your peers’ work.

Also, please respond in a comment to the peer critique you received. Explain how the critique was helpful, ask any further questions about your writing, and describe what was most illuminating about the critique, helping you understand something about your writing differently.


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