portfolio ii

Portfolio II—Poetry—Due week 11; 11/9—10 points

 By week 10, you should have at least four drafts of poems. Choose two of these for your portfolio. You may want to choose your best pieces; i.e. your funniest, most intelligent, most subtle, graceful, evocative, or powerful. You may want to choose pieces that represent a turning point in your understanding of the subject or of the potentialities of the genre, or of yourself as a writer. You may want to choose work that you wish to develop further and ask me specific questions about how you might do that.

These poems should be reworked and revised carefully, showing mindfulness of the kinds of issues we’ve discussed in the past several weeks. Clichés should be rooted out, unexpected language and imagery should be sought, unnecessary words or lines should be ruthlessly excised, and the poems should aim toward signs of inspiration, showing me and other readers that you have been brought to an unexpected place in your thinking and writing through the creative process.

Your one-page cover letter to me should describe this process of creating these poems and working on poetry over the last several weeks. Tell me your thoughts about poetry, how these have evolved this semester.

These are due in hard copy in class. Any questions about the assignment should be registered as a comment to this post so that others might benefit from it, as well.

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