let’s get published!

ok, continuing Creative Writers–let’s do this!

First, I think we need to change the format of this blog, however. Rather than have this site be the hub for your individual blogs, let’s please all post our notes, etc. on this site. I have to add each of you as “author” to this blog, and for that I need your active qc email addresses. Please send me that as a comment to this post. We can help each other revise our work on the individual blogs, but should collect our publishing info on a centralized site, I think.

Once you’re added as an author, please post telling us what piece(s) you’re trying to place, whether you’ve been published before (and when and where), and any ideas you have for how to go about this process.

Here are some ideas I have to get things started:

1) I got a story published in my favorite literary journal last spring. It was not a coincidence that I got published there. I read it religiously, admired all the work therein, and was no doubt influenced in my writing by what I read there. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the journal’s site: http://smallbeerpress.com/lcrw/  So, find journals that are publishing the kind of work you like and read them. St. Mark’s Bookstore has a great selection of literary journals, as does the reading room on the second floor of the NYPL main branch.

2) Similarly, look at collections of stories, poems, and non-fiction–the “Year’s Best” series being a good place to start, to see where these people are being published.

3) Check out the “Poet’s and Writer’s” website for the titles of small presses, journals, online publications, and also literary contests, wch might pay more than the acceptance fee to a journal (my story got me 20 bucks!). http://www.pw.org/

Yes? I know class just ended yesterday, but there’s no time like the present to get going on a (probably) long and difficult task. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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5 Responses to “let’s get published!”

  1.   Samantha Says:

    Hi Jenny. My Cuny email is snelson103@qc.cuny.edu. Thanks for the links you gave. I’m going to start doing some research on this also. I know I’ve sent my poetry out to sites before and no one has ever responded back to me. It’s quite frustrating.

  2.   cwilkerson Says:


  3.   michelle Says:


  4.   erin Says:


  5.   Pru Says:

    hey guys so I decided to try and get my work out tthere and was asked to read two of my poems at my highschool alumni concert january 6 at 8pm I am reading The grim reaper and our love poems that I wrote for this class. If anyone is interested in coming let me know.

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