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hi guys. ok, the month’s almost gone by and i haven’t heard much from you, but i’m posting in case anyone is still interested in the project. three things i want to share with you:

firstly, check out this website. looks like a great journal and they have writing contests that award publication and cash *every month*. not shabby at all. i might submit the story i’m working on to them.

secondly, i have been revising my story and think it’s almost done. it could use a reader. any volunteers? in exchange, i will, of course, read your story.

thirdly, this is a book review from tomorrow’s _times_ that raises that age-old question of style versus substance. what do you think matters most in good writing, a beautifully wrought sentence or the sweeping arcs of meaning through the story or novel? an interesting discussion, no?

hope you are all enjoying snow, january, life, and everything. be in touch if you wish to be in touch.


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