extended peer critique

Creative Writing—Queens College—Fall 2011

 Extended Peer Critique—about 500 words—Due week 8; 10/19—

7 points

 This assignment is an in-depth peer critique of the work that one of your peers has produced for the course to date. The aim of this critique is dual; you should try to explain what you see in this work, reflecting it back to the author, as well as to offer suggestions for improvement, growth, new directions, further strategies. In producing this critique, you may want to consider the following questions and issues:

What is the author literally saying? How clear is the language used? Where would you like more explanation? How do you interpret what is being said?

What do you think the author is implying? What symbols, metaphors, images, or motifs emerge in the work? Are these connected to the author’s subject or theme, or could more work be done to make these connections?

What themes do you see? What kind of story is being told? Coming of age? Heroic? Romantic? A great quest? etc.

Where is there conflict in this work? How is the conflict described and dealt with? Is there resolution of the conflict, partial resolution, or ambiguity?

How do you perceive and respond to the author’s tone and voice? How affecting is the work on intellectual and emotional levels? What does it make you think about and feel?

What movies, books, stories, etc. does the work remind you of? Are there artists, writers, filmmakers, etc you know of that might inspire this author?

How would you describe the author’s style? What kinds of words are used? Are they common, interesting, challenging, etc.? Are sentences terse and short? flowing and elegant? easily understandable? complicated and hypotactic?

What do you like most about this author’s writing?

What advice can you give that you think this author most needs to hear?



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