homework week 3

Creative Writing—Queens College—Fall 2011


WEEK 3—14 SEP Writing the Personal and the Public


“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”

Vera Nazarian

Read “The Incident,” by Lee Gutkind (found on course blog)

Freewrite a page or two (in hardcopy, to bring to class) considering the following questions:

What kinds of information is disclosed in this piece that the people described in it might be opposed to being made public? How is Daniel described and how do you think he might feel about these descriptions? What purposes are served by telling the story as honestly as Gutkind has? If you were publishing this story, would you choose different words? Are there things you would leave out? What seems to be the author’s relationship with truth? How will you be challenged as a blogger of creative nonfiction in deciding how to describe people and how much information to reveal about them and about yourself? What problems or questions have you encountered so far regarding the tension between the personal and public?


Write and post your next blog entry by Sunday. Read and respond to peers’ blog-posts by Tuesday.


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