portfolio i

Creative Writing—Queens College—Fall 2011

 Portfolio I—Creative Nonfiction—Due week 6; 10/5—10 points

 By week 6, you should have four pieces of creative nonfiction on your blog. Choose two of these for your portfolio. You may want to choose your best pieces; i.e. your funniest, most intelligent, most subtle, graceful, evocative, or powerful. You may want to choose pieces that represent a turning point in your understanding of the subject, of the potentialities of the genre (creative nonfiction) or medium (blogs), or of yourself as a writer. You may want to choose work that you wish to develop further and ask me specific questions about how you might do that.

Whatever your criteria and reasons for choosing, these should be described in your one-page cover letter to me. Tell me about your writing so far, these pieces in particular, what you’d hoped from them, what you achieved in them, how you fear you fell short in them, how comments from me or your peers helped you to complete them.

I would like to see evidence of a thoughtful creative process and some pride in your work.

These are due in hard copy in class.

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